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Before preparation practices gem gal, must much take a moment will know this sport, gem gal moves this to have bigger distinction with other a lot of sport, because this wants to understand gem gal in detail1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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square field surface, everybody drills the purpose of gem gal differs, for instance some people are to reduce weight, have some of person’s finer to have figure line, perhaps wait a moment to adjust the mood, so among this day, when to drill gem gal is best?

Is gem gal optimal is athletic time when?

Gem gal is optimal athletic time:

Alleged morning depends on between day, early morning is hollow the optimal time that is exercise gem gal: Had better be in the morning the ongoing travel 8 o’clock practices. Begin unlikelily to do new job right now commonly, so attention is disturbed not easily and can go up in the exercise centrally.

And early morning is hollow those who practice gem gal consume can be qualitative come from at adipose, is not muscle, the rest that passes one evening and purify, already kept clear of alvine path and cystic trash, at the moment the energy that nature collects is most, also be the quietest one hour in the day, in Lian Yuga process, body and mind gets halcyon1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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With catharsis, be in one every day in accumulating, very can fast experience progresses to his.

The exercise of this kind of rule can let from mixed and disorderly the disengagement in the life condition that does not have foreword comes out, nurturance on time the good habits and customs of work and rest. The healthy state of body and mind is improved from this, drill gem gal also becomes the issue of of course everyday, should insist to practice also can be being achieved everyday only reduce weight the effect of thin body oh! And the metabolic rate that early morning drills gem gal still can rise one day.

Is gem gal optimal is athletic time when?

Morning gem gal: Do ” vigor ” preterhuman:

After getting up in the morning, lazy be disinclined to extend lazyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Waist, breathe deeply, feel extremely marvellous, if have time, still can make motion of a few gem gal, the abundant vigor with keeping daylong and gentle mood, if can perserve, if be being done everyday, can exercise those who become green health certainly ” vigor ” preterhuman.

The first pace: Wake up muscle

Do deep breathing. Inspiratory when, make abdomen contractive. There can be a kind of breath to be taken when expiration the feeling of back vertebra. To the benefit of the body: In the course that plans an exercise, can promote the aerobic flow in muscle. To mental advantage: Can obtain quiet and quiet psychosis.

Is gem gal optimal is athletic time when?

The 2nd pace: Increase vigilance

Lie low is on the bed, double leg and approach rises, arm is extended to both sides, bend a right leg, on knee park left leg. Rotational head, look attentively at sword arm. Hold this kind of position about 10 minutes. Change a directional redo next. To the benefit of the bodyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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: Extend bosom, hip and neck, excitingShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Digest. To mental advantage: Work is neurological, raise alertness.

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