” pestilential fokelore: Innocent ” video of real opportunity of 8 minutes of deepness is announced

Issue business Focus Home Interactive and atelier of development business Asobo to was a few days ago ” pestilential fokelore: Innocent ” announced official real opportunity to operate video. It is to come from introduction of game of Focus Home Interactive below: First of Asobo atelier new IP, ” pestilential fokelore: Innocent ” , will roll out on May 14, amicia and Hugo sister younger brother will be acted to pass through in game player the France of mediaeval chaos caused by war and pestilential indulge in wilful persecution. We rolled out brand-new game prevue to reveal extremely high quality game to run part, all sorts of detail that introduced game place to offer — what allow to annulus churchyard is attentive use, riddle, and how to mix with bright, darkness mice also enemy Yi You. Find a safety to be in this darkness, brutal world, amicia must head for University, cross the circumstance such as inquisition and confused small town and its critical place. This is to be over the look up before rectifying a paragraph of edition game, in game, ability of the player’s wisdom, exploration, the craft technical ability of Amicia, the partner of she and pluvial fruit concerns, matter to this can putting subsist to sibling. In this adventure, the companion that Hugo is him player not just, you become orphan person because of war and disease to unite together with those even, will try to live together go down — whether can everybody see light again? ” pestilential fokelore: Innocent ” will land PS4/Xbox One/PC platform on May 14.

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