” former days no longer ” Bug of 1.05 newer rehabilitate will roll out free DLC and new engine

Recently, ” former days no longer ” the government released 1.05 newer patches, newer rehabilitate a few Bug that appear in game. This total volume is 1.05 newer patches 136MB, main rehabilitate game appears break down problem, improved game to drop frame and promotion game function and stability. But still bequeath have not solve, and the problem that the player pays close attention to very much: Sound problem. The circumstance that players can discover to effect of sound of meeting occurrence environment loses game suddenly sometimes, this makes the person that mutate abrupt became breathed killer, they fall in this kind of circumstance often can the immediateness of the without anybody knowing it player and accord makes a surprise attack suddenly. A few players also send animation of certain now cross the stage in, conversational sound effect of the character disappeared suddenly also. Nevertheless the government expresses, problem of phonic effect breakdown can be in the next time in updating, get settlement, and also can roll out free DLC in June, live mode content, new engine and new challenge. ” former days no longer ” already on April 26, 2019 put on sale, land PS4 platform.

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