Eccentric is assembled in! ” Yi Su 9 ” PS4 real opportunity reveals many part to operate

The behavioral JRPG that Nihon Falcom is about to roll out newlier a few days ago ” Yi Su 9: The night of eccentric ” official website, provided more artistic designs, detail and video. Revealed here a brief prevue mixes 3 new ” eccentric ” the introduction of the part. 3 new roles had reported in the news before, it is person entity, fierce ox and apostate respectively. Person entity: The person that top-ranking artisan makes occasionally class eccentric, have identify ” sightless ” the different of the object can. Different can: ” the third pupil ” , the different with the object that cannot catch human eye, visible phenomenon can, diagnose invisible the enemy and exploration conceal road to produce great effect. Fierce ox: Have the screwball of absolute power, tremendous battle weight is light brandish, battlefield of sweep anything away. Different can: ” battle second female relief ” , agglomeration effort sends wall of checkmate massiness rock, develop new way necessary. Apostate: Wearing tattered gown, have the knowledge that estimates hard and education (this is part of a male… ) . Different can: ” the door of the shadow ” , turn shadow into average latency under the ground, can move in underground. Of game inchoate buy award to include to confuse you former voice dish, still have price the edition of demarcate allusion Tibet of 9800 yen, include CD of a piece of former voice, ” eccentric order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large ” booklet and a novel. ” Yi Su 9 ” will land Japanese area on September 26 this year, roll out PS4 version only at present.

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