” pocket monster GO ” inside measure limits enlarge to soar Australia and New Zealand

 ” pocket monster GO ” it is by Ren Tiantang, Pokemon the company is mixed rolled out ” Ingress ” Niantic company together of joint development escalate play of actual mobile phone, this making already measured inside open of Japanese this locality at present, the plan lands Android and IOS platform inside 2016.

 Recently, ” pocket monster GO ” one of development business Niantic released Australia and New Zealand to be about to begin on its rich guest ” pocket monster GO ” inside measured news.

 In the interviewing that the president stone Yuan Henghe of company of monster of bag of Japanese media speak or sing alternately undertakes, stone Yuan Henghe expresses inside 2016 ” pocket monster GO ” can land the burgeoning game area such as Asia, South America, middle east, Africa.

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