Shopkeeper forecasts E3 2016 to extend the biggest leading role on the meeting is new fund leader

The hearsay of new fund PS4 and Xbox One is already increasing, had become acquiescent reality almost. The grand opera that because GameStop of this game shopkeeper thinks E3 is big this year,exhibits will be Microsoft the product of respective new fund leader that Suo Ni announces.

In GameStop on the finance conference yesterday, CEO Paul Raines says: We special expect E3, expect to hear the heavy pound news of virtual reality and new-style name leader.

Subsequently complement of COO Tony Bartel says: We anticipate E3 conference can announce the detail news of the serious work of second half of the year and new leader. We still expect to see VR gains the attention of more player and media.

Although they predict to all alone the Buddhist nun and Microsoft are met,new-style name leader is announced on E3, but they feel and put on sale won’t come out on the horse. In addition Bartel still discloses, they had sold a 4 million stage PS4 inside beautiful territory, 10% be global PS4 sales volume.

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