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The practice with pure best lean lean is fried namely or be smooth, piscine sweet shredded meat. Murmur flesh. Those who fry the key of lean lean to had mastered him namely is ripe degree, what do not fry certainly is too old, too old saying can affect mouthfeel, pure thin black pork chooses to use decoct pork chop also is a right decision, and the way is particularly simple, taste is good also.

How is pure thin black pork done delicious?

Practice one

1, the choice of raw material is very important. Be aimed at different cook method, chooses flesh kind position is different also, with muscle sth resembling a net abundant thigh meat makes cutlet or shredded meat kind fried dish, cannot go after slippery tender mouthfeel. Simple for, flesh of the tenderloin in pork is raw material of optimal fried dish, it is lean lean of the needle after front porch lean lean is mixed next.

2, should go against grain to cut: The pork that buys from the market kind the sees the flesh grain that can be clear about commonly, different flesh kind there is diverse demand in the respect that cut worker worker. To pork, want to going against grain to cut, OK perhaps sideways grain is cut.

3, before frying, bloat with unripe pink: The dish mood that fries the flesh to great majority will tell, wait with unripe pink yellow rice or millet wine first before next boiler bloat the meeting is tenderer slippery. Had cut the flesh first before fry put in household utensils, join unripe white (pink of tender perhaps flesh) , edible oil and proper flavoring, boiler leaves again after sufficient agitate, fry the flesh that come out to be met fresh and tender and juicily and won’t pliable but strong.

How is pure thin black pork done delicious?

4, aspic pork spends briny defrost with Gao Nong: Refrigerant pork can come with brine of tall pH indicator defrost, qualitative bright of the flesh after becoming dish is tender. Refrigerant pork cannot come with hot water defrost. With hot water defrost, can make pork can lose one part protein and its fragrance material, still can generate third aldehyde, and third aldehyde is a kind of strong carcinogenic substance. The choice puts refrigerant pork in the defrost in brine, can shorten defrost time, also can maintain porky fresh and tender.

5, in the rock in boiled water a few: Put the sliced meat that has cut in strainer, shake in boiled waterShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Move a few times, water has when waiting for the flesh to just became angry, drop goes moisture, fall again next fry pan, need 3-4 only minute can ripe, and fresh and tender and goluptious.

6, beer adds dry amylaceous mixing batter: Add sliced meat dry amylaceous mixing batter to hang an oar with beer, fry the sliced meat that give fresh and tender tastily.

7, add egg white: Cut pork shredded meat first or cutlet, take an egg next, knock a Xiaokouzi, egg white letting chicken flows, drop in the bowl that packing the pork, put after mix is even 10 come minute, issue boiler to fry again.

How is pure thin black pork done delicious?

Practice 2


Pork 300 grams, soy 1 teaspoon, saline 1/8 teaspoon, rape oil 50 milliliter, dry chili 15, pepper sauce 30 grams (had better be) of thick broad-bean sauce of Sichuan Pi county, laojiang 15 grams, cut into shreds, garlic 1 valve, cut into shreds, celery 80 grams, bitternShanghai noble baby

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Bean curd does 70 grams, soy 1 teaspoon, pink of Chinese prickly ash 1 hold


1. celery goes Xie Xi is clean, cut what grow into 5 centimeters paragraph, mix with a few salt divide evenly, bloat 5 minutes, pour water, drop works.

2. bean curd is dry cut aboutA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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5 centimeters long thick silk.

3. pork is abluent, cut 5 centimeters long silk, add salt and 1 teaspoon soy to mix divide evenly.

4. fries pan conflagration slants to go up in buy, put rape oil to burn to 5 into heat, add dry chili to fry 1 minute to fragrance, the shovel gives chili to reserve. Shanghai night net

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5. waits for heat of the oil inside boiler to come 7 into, join pepper sauce, ginger, shredded meat is joined to fry dry hydrosphere after garlic fries 30 seconds, about 6 minutes. Will dry chili is answered fry pan, add bean curd to work, fry 5 minutes together. Add celery to fry 2 minutes again. Add the sauce that go to fry the boiler since divide evenly to install dish, scatter on pink of Chinese prickly ash is become namely.

Practice 3

Lean lean of a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt

Raw material, lean lean 1000 grams, cooking wine 20 grams, jiang Si 10 grams, peppery 25 grams, chinese prickly ash 10 grams, salt 10 grams, peanut oilFall in love with the sea

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1000 grams (practical 50 grams) , the seed powder of Gorgon euryale 50 grams,

Course of action,

1, lean lean behead grows into 2 inches piece, add cooking wine, jiang Si, a few salt, castrate of spay half hours.

2, cheer in boiler, oil is lukewarm 8 into, the seed powder of Gorgon euryale adds clear water agitate, make it oar does not drop an oar with can hanging lean lean had better.

3, lean lean is put into the oar to hang paste. Enter the blast in oily boiler, to golden colorFall in love with the sea

Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone
When, take out put dish in.

4, abluent boiler, pulverize of peppery, Chinese prickly ash, add salt, low baking temperature is earthed up to sweet hot. (This step is crucial) the platoon with good to scamper buy go up to be become namely.

Practice 4

Sweet decoct lean lean.


Lean lean 3, salt, garlic powder, cooking wine.


1. Pat lean lean with the back of a knife blade first pat a pine, wipe on salt, garlic powder and cooking wine bloat 2 hours.

2. Frying pan burns heat, put a bit oil, slowly slip lean lean (had better use a towel to wipe dry prevent oil to splash) .

3. First conflagration decoct is sent to be to two sides yellow, turn next small fire, it is good to show golden scene to lean lean to decoct of conflagration of the reopen after main fry in shallow oil is ripe ~~ .

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