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In China popular move plays a side a lot of kinds, everybody’s for instance hep Lanzhou pulls face, dragon to must pull face, raw slices of fish meatLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The face is waited a moment, these appearance that play a side are smooth, taste special path having interest, making the main material that plays a side is flour, flour contains a lot ofprotein and starch, contain a lot ofvitamin and mineral element additionally, a few kinds of popular ways that play a side are below.

What does encyclopedia of the practice that play a side have? Recommend the most popular way!

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One, beef plays a side


Advocate makings: Flour 30 jins, beef 10 kilograms of burden: Bovine liver 3 jins, Bailuo predicts 10 jins of condiment: Chinese prickly ash 7 two, caoguo 1 two, Gui Zi skin of 5 money, ginger 1 two, edible vegetable oil 0.5 jins, gourmet powder 3 cent, salt 1 jin, soy 4 jins, 3 money of pepper, sweet Lai, garlic bolt, chopped green onion, half and half jin, grey water 7 two, hot pepper oil is extenuatory.


1, use beef and character first clear water is abluent, immerse 4 hours in water next (hematic water stays to be used additionally) , play beef and character warm water bowl, when waiting to will leave namely, cast aside go float foam, join salt 4 2, caoguo 5 money, jiang Pi 2 money use 5 money and Chinese prickly ash after gauze wraps condiment to wrap clear water to wash scour off dust, also put bowl in, small fire stews 5 hours namely ripe, what 1 centimeter of square cut after fish out is a bit cool is fourth.

2, bovine liver cuts small to be put into anotherShanghai noble baby

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After be being thoroughlied cook in boiler, clarify reserve. Lukewarm fire of skin of laurel seed, Chinese prickly ash, caoguo, ginger fries stoving to grind powder, the turnip is abluent cut piece thoroughly cook. Garlic bolt, chopped green onion is cut not, sweet Lai cuts bar stand-by.

3, cast aside broth go surplus is fat, in the fleshy stockpot that pours the hematic water of bubble flesh to be boiled, foam is cast aside to clarify after be being waited for, join all sorts of condiment pink, enter bovine liver boiling water of Qing Cheng water a few again, burn discharge foam, rejoin salt, pepper, gourmet powder, ripe turnip piece and cast aside the float oil that go out.

4, flour adds water 30 jins 18 jins of roll also area demand, again rub up is even, the water that use ash 7 two (if grey Shui Rong is added less, grey water is weak add more) prize and knead divide evenly. Edible vegetable oil is brushed on law case, become face rub with the hands, hold tight is attached most importance to of 49, build above on wet a cloth, like according to what be apt to feeds everybody next, pull Luo of wheat of leaf of Cheng Dakuan, leek, 2 fine, mustard respectively (trigonometry) the boiler below the noodle of the appearance such as a brood of silk, the bowl is scooped up after look familiar inside, will arrogant oil of broth, turnip, diced meat, float is comfortableA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Quantity, irrigate become namely on noodle. Add right amount sweet Lai, garlic bolt, chopped green onion and hot pepper oil with the taste of everybody. Characteristic broth clear make tea muscle of delicious, noodle soft, tasty, nutrition abounds material benefit.

What does encyclopedia of the practice that play a side have? Recommend the most popular way!

2, the method that make

[material] :

Pink of essence of life 2500 grams, water 1500 grams, alkaline face 25 grams, saline a few.

[the process that make] :

1. Put flour and saline face face basin along with all the others inside, pour water single-handed (water is warm: The winter is warm, xia Liang, age is lukewarm) , skill knead dough, hit Cheng SuiLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Child, make flour and water knead light to become a group after all sophisticate, reoccupy both hands dips in divide evenly of rub of water general face, rub arrives an only area is smooth, do not stick a hand till. With clean cloth the Tang on the lid makes an appointment with half hours.

2. With water alkaline face 100 grams change buck.

3. After face Tang is good, take L/2 dough to dip in with both hands wipe buck rub to become strip, two tactics the one aspect of the matter of each make noodles by drawing out the dough by hand, carry from chopping board, sneak away slowly, get on next shaking to grow namely, two tactics is shut come back form of fried dough twist, such iteration rock 67 hind, put on chopping board to scatter when degree of finish is even on dry face attacks defensive position rolling divide evenly carries two end, from case swing into strip, put on chopping board again, take out both ends folds two in couples, hold two termination single-handed, the 4 fingertip of another hand are in the other one aspect of the matter of two noodle, impending take, two tactics exerts oneself to do sth. pull out is pulled at the same time, get on next shaking, pull 67 times repeatedly. The edge pulls an edge to roll a face to attack, play the side Cheng Xixiang column is thick (64) , leave boiled water boiler. The left hand when next boiler hold head of two end panel, the right hand drops the cover equably inside boiler, take the the right-hand side subsequently carry in face head, head of section of left hand hold tight, scatter become namely inside boiler.

[characteristic] : Pliable but strong of soft, muscle, smooth.

What does encyclopedia of the practice that play a side have? Recommend the most popular way!

3, nutrient value

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Wheat is ground go bran, get flour namely. The discretion of flour nutrition value, very as close as its treatment precision. The basis machines precision, flour cent is standard pink, prosperous and strong pink and whitening of essence of life. Precision of standard pink treatment is inferior, withheld more embryo and outside film, the content of all sorts of nutriment is higher.

Nutrient composition: Every 100g wheat flour contains starch and carbohydrate 71.5g, protein to make an appointment with 11.2g, adipose 1.5g, contain vitamin B1.B2.E and calcium, phosphor, iron to wait mineral. Additional, still contain lecithin and malt carbohydrase, amylase, albumen to decompose enzymatic etc.

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