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Article introduction

The scamper potato that eats in dining-room at ordinary times, workers are made, outside crisp in tender, bite gently, the pink inside is tender sweet thick, can make person aftertaste boundless, because of scamper potato although delicious, the oil that nevertheless a lot of people can use inside concern is insecure, when eating to dot, not be at ease, actually oneself also can make scamper potato in the home, can learn professional beautiful type blast1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Tomato patch, soft blast potato, the practice of different taste.

Scamper potato authentic practice, the taste of dining-room also can be made in the home

Potato of beautiful type blast


Tomato patch 2, olive oil, salt, black any of several hot spice plants is broken, tomato juice right amount

Scamper potato authentic practice, the taste of dining-room also can be made in the home


1, cut potato flay thick, be thoroughlied cook with brine and drop does moisture.

2, burn olive oil heat, potato scamper becomes golden look, scatter salt and black any of several hot spice plants to break, ketchup of the Taoist sacrificial ceremony when edible canShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Soft blast potato


Advocate makings: Tomato patch (wampee) 800 grams,

Complementary makings: Egg 200 grams, wheaten flour 150 grams,

Scamper potato authentic practice, the taste of dining-room also can be made in the home

Condiment: Bai Sha candy 100 grams, salad oil 150 overcome


1. cuts potato basket steam comes on strip half soft;

Oily bowl is put after circuit fish out boiling inside the egg face oar with agitate is put good after 2. is taken out, drop of scamper ripe fish out is oily, outfit dish become namely.

The effect of potato

Potato flavour pleasant, sex is smooth, small cool, enter lienal, stomach, large intestine classics, have have and in gastric attune, be good at lienal benefit is wet, detoxify is antiphlogistic, wide bowel is aperient, fall candy falls fat, detumescence of invigorate the circulation of blood, beneficial enrages powerful body, beautiful1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Look, combat the effect such as consenescence, it is one kind suits edible very much feed capable person.

Tomato patch advocate pay of toothache of the fire that treat a stomach, lienal empty is dry and hard of little, defecate, hypertensive, high the disease such as hematic fat; Still can assist remedial indigestion, chronic constipation, god the disease such as eczema of tired force, chronic gastralgia, articulatory ache, skin.

1, wide bowel is aperient: Contain a large number of prandial fiber tomato patch, can wide bowel is aperient, help airframe excretes metabolization toxin in time, prevent constipation, prevent the happening of alvine path disease;

2, the stomach raises in mixing, be good at lienal benefit is wet: Contain a large number of form sediment tomato patchForum of Shanghai night net

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Pink and C of vitamin of protein, B a group of things with common features, vitamin, can promote the digestive function of taste.

3, fall candy falls fat, hairdressing raises colour: Can furnish tomato patch personForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Body has the mucus egg white of special protection action in great quantities. Can close to those who hold enteron, respiratory tract and articulatory antrum, chorion tune is lubricant, prevent the adipose deposit of heart and vessels and system, preserve hemal flexibility, be helpful for preventing the happening of sclerosis of arterial congee appearance. It is a kind of alkalescent vegetable at the same time tomato patch, be helpful for balance of the soda acid inside body, counteract the acidity material of the generation after the metabolization inside body, the hairdressing with have certain thereby, fight anile action;

4, detumescence of water of compensatory nutrition, benefit: Contain rich vitamin and the microelement such as calcic, Potassium tomato patch, and digest easily absorb, nutrition is rich, home of United States is in Europe especially North America, potato is early make the 2nd staple food. Tomato patchA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Contains potassium can replace the natrium inside body, at the same time can sodium eduction body outside, be helpful for the rehabilitation of hypertension and nephritis oedema patient.

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