[the practice encyclopedia of the towel gourd chicken that stew] – of practice of the daily life of a family of _ of the _ method that make

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Towel gourd stews chicken this dish a lot of people are to love to eat very much, butForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Do not know how to should be done however, he always taste when do is not so authentic, to this actually dish present practice is to comparative of diversification, can choose to suit oneself practice so according to the demand of own oneself, the simplest after washing chicken clean namely, break up fry, join silk finallyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Melon gives boiler possible.

 Towel gourd stews practice encyclopedia of chicken

The method that make:

Open chest after tender chicken is abluent, the chop that connect bone becomes about 2.5 centimeters big piece. 3 bacterium go a foot is abluent, make down, use clear water to float. Jiang Xi pats completely broken: Green, garlic is abluent. On fire of flourishing of the buy that fry pan, below lardy burn heat, put gallinaceous piece, green. Ginger fries a fragrance, the soup that add delicacy, garlic is burned, dip enters arenaceous boiler, use cook over a slow fire of low baking temperature 40 minutes or so. On fire of flourishing of the buy that fry pan, next lardy a few burn heat () of about 150 ℃ . WillLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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3 bacterium drop does water to fry about 3 minutes into boiler stir-fry before stewing, enter arenaceous boiler inside, add refined salt, cook over a slow fire of reoccupy low baking temperature comes about 20 minutes gallinaceous piece fire cling to, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Become namely in the bowl.

Winter bamboo shoots stews chicken

Material: Chicken half, winter bamboo shoots 250 grams.

Flavor: Ginger, green, south breast, sesame-seed oil, amylaceous each a few, unripe take two teaspoon, white sugar makes an appointment with one teaspoon.


① general bright chicken is abluent behead piece is put unripe smoke, amylaceous each a few, bubble oil is stand-by;

Hull of ② winter bamboo shoots is thoroughlied cook with clear water, stripping and slicing, breed south squish;

③ explodes sweet Jiang Pian, green paragraph, put south breast, chicken piece, winter bamboo shoots fries divide evenly together, join unripe smoke two teaspoon, white sugar to make an appointment with a few of one teaspoon, sesame-seed oil to flavor, water, boil in household utensils turning after boiling, small fire is thoroughlied cook can.

 Towel gourd stews practice encyclopedia of chicken

Chinese olive stews chicken

Material gives birth to Chinese olive or work article, drumstick of earth of rock candy, copy.

Flavoring wine, green, , soy, licorice.

Flay of drumstick of earth of copy of course of action, very hot go hematic water, bloat a bit with all flavoring a short while. § gives birth to Chinese olive or work article with bath clean, have bittern pot, put meat of Chinese olive, drumstick together, had wided water. § adds flavoring, small fire turns after be being boiled with conflagration, close work hind can

Fill piece. Effect olive has apparent stimulative effect to infantile cerebra development, can make a baby more clever, have heart disease of prevention and cure and gastric ulcer, protect cystic function.

 Towel gourd stews practice encyclopedia of chicken


1. is sweet the flay after almond and introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad peach kernel immerse with boiling water, fish out drop does water, put the bomb inside lukewarm oily boiler to golden yellow fish out, wait for cold hind will sweet almond grinds end. Chestnut cuts two piece, put into boiling water, boil the fish out when can paring to housing and garment to rind.

2. chicken goes miscellaneous abluent, behead becomes 3 centimeters of square piece. Lardy burn into boiler to 6 into heat, put gallinaceous piece stir-fry before stewing to fry, wine of feed in raw material, Jiang Si, gourmet powder, salt, green paragraph, after white sugar and soy stir-fry before stewing fry consummate color, add red jujube of right amount water, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad peach kernel to burn boil again, move to go up to slow fire build stew 1 hour or so, chestnut is joined after again stew comes chicken is ripe sodden.

3. puts fish out of the chestnut in boiler in the basin, put chicken fish out in chestnut again above. soup attune1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
Good irrigate go up in chicken, scatter on almond end is become namely.

Attention: This dish can fill in virtual temperature, beneficial kidney strong bones and muscles, comfortable at frail thin thin person edible. But the cold is calorific reach heat venereal careful with.

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