[the contraindication of almond tea] – of contraindication of edible of _ of the _ tea that boil

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Almond is the seed of apricot, have edible value and officinal value the function of two respects. Almond is had relieve a cough smooth asthma, the effect with embellish aperient bowel, besides the dried fruit that often eats at ordinary times besides us, still can make almond almond tea, drink rise also perfectly. Nevertheless, almond tea is not to suit a choose and employ persons, there is contraindication when drinking. So, what does the contraindication of almond tea have? We look in detail below.

The contraindication of almond tea

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The effect of almond tea

Almond tea service has various effect, for instance the town coughs, smooth asthma, antiphlogistic, demulcent, antiphlogistic, analgesia, everybody does not know the likelihood almond tea still is had reduce bloodSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The function such as hematic fat, even to fighting tumor alsoLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Have certain effect, the female friend that loves the United States more very much comes with this hairdressing is raised colour, this shows, the effect that almond tea has is very much still.

2, the no-no item of almond tea1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Though the nutrient value of almond tea is very high, but He Xingren is same, the edible of almond tea also has certain amount, unfavorable and overmuch take almond tea, appear likely otherwise syncope, breath is suddenly disgusting vomiting, dizzy, hurried, the toxic phenomenon such as convulsions, can cause death even.

The contraindication of almond tea

Still have everybody edible almond tea when the edible when wanting to notice not to mix a contract with these food, this meeting is right of oneself cause very big menace. For instance almond and pork are mixed dog meat cannot at the same time edible, almond tea cannot with millet at the same time edible, almond tea cannot with chestnut at the same time edible, this bit of everybody should be caused take ability travel seriously.

The contraindication of almond tea

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3, the no-no crowd of almond tea

Almond tea does not suit all people to take, presence of average respiratory system is constant problem, have cancer or be the patient after the operation changes cure suits edible quite, the child that still has frequency of the female that is body empty much leucorrhoea, pee and enuresis is fed aptly. But the baby needs careful take, fact of cough of deficiency of yin with irritability, evil is phlegmy more person, discharge dysentery jalf congealed person ban taking is this bit the most crucial

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