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Article introduction

Mention watermelon, most propbably authority is not new, this is one of fruits that a lot of families often buy, the flesh inside normal watermelon is bright red color, but also existing the watermelon of breed of a few yellow, breed is different its mouthfeel also somewhat difference, can undertake choosing according to oneself be fond of, but also have many families after be being bought, discovery is presenting white partly among watermelon, this lets everybody feel interrogative unceasingly, is the part of watermelon white OK edible?

 Can the part of watermelon white have

Can eat.

The nutrient duct that yellow muscle or white veins that stand out under the skin are watermelon () of similar mankind blood-vessel, general meeting the growing nature come out as watermelon, but if watermelon growth period encountered harsh environment, for instance air temperature ignore tall ignore low, conduit come out can have remain, but the quality that this can not affect watermelon and mouthfeel, so those buy contains yellow white veins that stand out under the skin watermelon on market do not have a problem.

Of watermelon pick skill

1, the stand or fall that sees bottom hilum encircle watermelon is unripe ripe, delicious with not delicious, can encircle judgement from the hilum of watermelon bottom, the Yue Xiaoyue that encircle a circle is good, contrary, bottom group group is bigger, pi Yuehou, more insipid.

 Can the part of watermelon white have

2, form of watermelon appearance watermelon is proper, melon skin is hard and full, decorative pattern clarity, watchFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The skin has uneven ripple glaze a bit, hilum of melon the base of a fruit, melon closes cheek by jowl, and shrink slightly, and rely on the melon skin color of the ground fizzle out a bit, this is the mark that watermelon matures namely, and had better melon, if watermelon head is big end small or head pointed end is thick, it is the melon with poorer quality.

3, color of appearance of watermelon color watermelon had better carry aeruginous, such watermelon is fresh and delicious, if watermelon surface color is mist mist for nothing do not choose, such watermelon is not sweet not fresh also.

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4, watermelon grain watermelon is cuticular apparent, underside sends clarity of smooth, decorative pattern, grain yellow, it is ripe melon. The surface has fluff, burnish dim, piebald with grain not clear, it is not ripe melon.

 Can the part of watermelon white have

5, listen to sound sweep melon to hear ” Peng Peng ” of sound, it is ripe melon, hear ” should become ” of sound, still do not have ripe, hear ” ” of sound, it is overripe melon.

6, the base of a fruit of melon of handle seeing melon is green, and have flexibility is ripe melon and sweet; melon the base of a fruit is black Brown, fluff falls off, bend send fragile, curl up the beard is most advanced become yellow blasted, it is to still be done not have ripe the handle of melon; melon that was picked is withered already work, be ” dead cane melon ” , quality is poor.

7, specific gravity measures two on the westShanghai night net

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Melon photograph is compared, if taste kind of identical, size same, lighter is more mature melon, be not very maturity conversely, and melon jumps over heavy maturity jump over low.

8, thinner than stretch melon skin, press with finger brittle, it is ripe melon; delimits with fingernail can crack, and melon skin hair is softSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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It is overripe melon.

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